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7 Benefits of Having a Business Website

It’s 2017 so it should go without saying that if you own a business you should have a website but too often I find this key ingredient is an afterthought.

You’re too busy looking for business cards and stationary when your time would be better spent finding someone to put a website together for you.

Your business website is your business card...

Although I would argue that you should invest in having someone build a website for you - Shameless plug I do that too - if you are a do-it-yourselfer then learning how to build a website for your business using WordPress is a viable option.

A recent Capital One study found that 44% of small businesses still don't have a website and​ of those that actually do, only 53% are mobile-friendly

No matter what though, just launch your damn website...

If you still need convincing then here are 7 reasons to kick you in gear.

Sell your products/services online

Even if think of yourself as a local business owner you never know who may be visiting your town. Why not provide a way for potential new customers to easily find you?

Depending on what you sell you could be missing out on a nice revenue stream if you don’t have a website.

Also, if you are a service-based small business, are there ways you can provide your offerings online as well?

Either way, having a website is the perfect way to speak to your audience and drive them to take action.

You’re Open 24/7

There are no open and closed times for a website. This doesn’t mean you need to be answering calls or emails at all hours of the day though.

Why limit your businesses growth?

You never know when someone out there may be searching for a solution to their problem and you happen to have it.

Benefits of Having a Business Website - Open 24/7

If you are hoping that they will be driving down the road and constantly turn their heads seeking you out then you are sadly mistaken.

I know you want to help people so do your future customers a solid and get your business website launched!

Builds credibility

The great thing about creating a business website with WordPress is the built in blog feature. Blog posts are articles that allow you to show off your knowledge and expertise around your given topic.

Even if you are a brick and mortar business you should be taking advantage of this to set yourself apart from the competition.

As business owners, we know competition is good...

Do you think I am the only one writing about building WordPress websites?

It is what keeps us on our toes but it’s also consumers enjoy too.

They want to find the business owners that really speak to them and relates to their story.

Your business website and the content you add to it will increase your credibility with your customer base so they always come back for more.

Control your brand

Speaking of stories...

Don’t let someone else tell yours.

What you add to your business website and social media channels give you the ability to control your brand and your story.

Make you and your business stand out...

Make it so people can’t forget about you - in a good way hopefully...

Controlling how your brand makes those connections through your website will enable to build a culture around what you are offering.

The conversions and revenue will follow.

Build your email list

This is not the first or last time I will type the phrase - “The money is in the list.”.

Yes, social media marketing is all the rage right now but email is still shown to drive greater conversions.

I am a firm believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Sure you should have your social media channels established but what happens if one or all of them suddenly disappear?

How will you reach your customers then?

  • Leverage those social media outlets to drive folks to your business website.
  • Get them to take action on your website!
  • Develop a compelling offer to at the very least get your website visitor to leave their email address.

Not sure how to accomplish this?

Well, you’re in luck...

I have outlined 15 different ways to make your WordPress website a lead generation (i.e. email list building) machine for you.

Show off your work

If you own a photography studio and you don’t have a website yet then shame on you!

If you own a dog grooming business and don’t have a website yet then shame on you!

If you own a mobile wedding chapel business - yes, it exists - and don’t have a website yet then shame on you!

Ok, you get the point...

I would be willing to bet that any business type could benefit from showing off their work via a website - please feel free to stump me in the comments below.

Most people connect with pictures - and video - more than words alone.

Think about how you would interact with this post, or any others, if they did not include some reference images.

You can tell someone until you are blue in your face that what you do is the most amazing thing in the world but until they see it they will have a hard time developing a lasting connection.

Exposure to a wider market

This point is a nice book-end to the discussion of having a website for your business.

Sure you should define your market and not try to appeal to everyone...

But also don’t limit the geographic region where those potential customers could be finding you.

Currently, I would say that the bulk of my web design partners and students come from the United States but I know for a fact that people read my blog posts from around the world.

Sure, I am an online based company, but even that dog grooming business down the street could draw new customers from just about anywhere.

Do you know where the people that live near your business have friends?

My friend in Germany could be searching online for the best dog groomers and because you have a website, yours happens to pop up on a search or in a list, and they know I have a dog - I don’t but for the sake of this argument let’s pretend my imaginary dog Fido needs grooming...

So they send me a message letting me know they just saw a dog groomer in my area with an amazing website that has some great groomers showing off their work, I should check out.

Fancy that...

Did you make it this far and still aren’t convinced a business website is important?

Then I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors...

Maybe you already have a website but it has been sitting idle for years then my hope is that this reignited the fire to take your business to another level.

A website for any business owner is the most important piece of the puzzle and these days it is easier than ever to get one up and running quickly without having to take on investors or a second mortgage.

This is exactly why I launched this damn website and why I want to help you launch your own damn website today!

Are there any other benefits to having a business website that I missed?

If you don’t have a website for your business what has held you back from launching one?

Give it to me straight in the comments below...

About the Author Andrew

Hi, I'm Andrew, your Flight Director at Launch Your Damn Website and I appreciate you stopping by! Just like you, I have no formal IT or technical background but 6 years ago I discovered WordPress and have not looked back. Before that I was an endurance sports coach for over a decade and planned adaptive cycling events/programs around the world. So if I can tackle this then I have plenty of confidence you can too. I look forward to having you on board for what will no doubt be an amazing journey!