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How to Export Import Thrive Landing Pages

You already were smart enough to purchase Thrive Architect for your website and love the number landing page templates they provide. But your brain is full of ideas and being confined to just one site isn’t part of your playbook.

Since you spent a good amount of time customizing one or more of those templates you want to be able to use it for another project. Nobody has time to start from scratch so there has to be a way to carry over that amazing conversion focused design.

Well, you are in luck...

The geniuses behind Thrive Themes - Thrive Architect - had exactly that in mind with their export/import feature with these landing pages. As great of an idea it is it is one that isn’t that easy to find unless you know where to look.

So I will peal back the curtain for you so you can work smarter not harder and get as many miles out of your custom Thrive landing pages as possible.

Now first let me point out that this currently only applies to pages not posts. I know personally I wish they would extend this feature because I like to save my blog post templates and would like to be able to use them on other sites without starting over.

Later in this article I will show you a workaround for blog posts but let’s get back to these all important pages of yours...

Log into the website you want to export from.

Click Edit With Thrive Architect to open the landing page you would like to export.

First click the gear icon followed by Template Setup (see images below).

Click Gear Icon to See More Options in Thrive Architect
Open the Template Setup in Thrive Architect

You will then see a list of options and you will choose ‘Export Landing Page’. Once you click that it will open a dialogue box where you will.

Enter a Template Name which will become the file name. Choose an image that will be the thumbnail. This is artbitrary and I have not found an actual use for the thumbnail so just pick any image.

Finally click DOWNLOAD FILE and it will download a .zip file of your landing page.

Export Landing Page Thrive Architect

There you have it!

Your very own custom built Thrive Architect landing page is now available and ready to be used on any website you choose. As long as you have Thrive Architect installed on it that is.

Of course you are only half way there...

Now that you have the landing page file you need to then import it. I know you are pretty smart and catch on quick so I am sure the answer is obvious.

No doubt you saw the ‘Import Landing Page’ option right above ‘Export Landing Page’ as you were going through the export process. And yes, the import steps are as easy as clicking that...

When you do you will notice a brief warning that states “Importing a landing page will overwrite the current contents of this page. Are you sure you want to continue?” and an OK and CANCEL option.

Just click OK unless you answered NO to the previous question then you have some thinking to do.

What happens next is a familiar step in adding any media files to a WordPress website.

Click Upload Files then select the landing page .zip you previously exported. Finally click the ‘Import’ button on the screen and wait for it to load your new landing page.

Import Thrive Architect Landing Page

Once that all happens you will see all of your landing page content on your site along with the media files it contained. If you did have images included on the page you imported they will now be added to your media files as well.

From there you are able to make changes and edits as you would on any other page built with Thrive Architect.

Congratulations you now have the ability to export and import any of your Thrive landing pages!

If you are like me then you also use Thrive Architect to design your blog posts and articles. You may already know that you have the ability to save your blog post content as a template to use for other articles on the same website.

Which is great and a huge time saver...

So if you are not  already taking advantage of that feature then I would highly recommend to start doing so!

But in the same context that you wanted to be able to use your custom landing pages on a different site you would rather not start from square one with your blog posts either.

Yes, this option is not as cut and dry as exporting and importing your pages but it still works.

Let’s start with what NOT to do...

When you open up your perfectly designed blog post with Thrive Architect you will want to click on the gear icon and then Template Setup as you did with your landing page. You then see that tempting ‘Save Content as Template’ option and think, WOW that was easier than Andrew is leading on!


Sure, you have the ability to save that article layout but it only allows you to reuse it on that particulr website. It will be housed withing your Thrive Dashboard > Global Elements > Content Templates.

What you will want to do instead is save each area of your post as its own content template first.

Save Blog Post Content Elements in Thrive Architect
Save Content Elements in Thrive Architect

Once you have every element that you plan on reusing from a given article then you will actually be opening up a PAGE and Launch Thrive Architect.

You will not need to ‘publish’ this page. It is just a vehicle for you to place the saved blog post elements.

First click the Gear icon and then Template Setup.

Then Choose Landing Page Template and just pick one of the BLANK templates.

Find the TEMPLATES & SYMBOLS Element and drag it onto the page.

Then add the appropriate content templates you saved and place them top to bottom. You will have to do them one at a time though since there isn't a way to select multiple templates for insertion.

Content Templates Thrive Dashboard

When you have all of the elements you want to reuse for blog posts make sure to click SAVE for that page first within Thrive Architect.

Now, as you did before with exporting your custom landing page, repeat that process for this new page containing your custom content elements.

You will now have a new .zip file that you can take and use on a different website to build your blog posts with the same structure as you have before.

Again, it’s not the most straight forward process, but the fact you are able to do this using Thrive Architect is a plus in my mind.

On the new site you need to import this landing page same as before.

When that is complete then click on each element on that landing page and now you will SAVE them as content templates again on the new site. As you begin to add new blog posts and articles you will have the ability to format them using the saved content elements you previously created.

Insert Saved Content Templates Thrive Architect

Not too shabby for something that only cost you $97 (current price at the time of writing this – Aug. 2018) to use on 5 different websites!

Hopefully this opened your eyes to some of the extra possibilities you have with Thrive Architect. Even after being a Thrive Themes member for over 3 years I still can’t imagine using anything else for my sites and websites I help others create.

Being someone with no background in web development using the right tools for the job has always been key for me. I’m guessing you feel the same and that’s why you want to get the most out of your investment in Thrive Architect.

The features outlined here will ensure your time isn’t wasted and you can always be putting your best foot forward with your website’s content.

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