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15 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website a Lead Generation Machine

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate/referral links which means if you click one and subsequently make a purchase I get to pay my bills on time. Seriously though, we only mention products and services we use on a daily basis and feel could be a potential good fit for you as well.

“The Money is in the List!” This often used phrased is unfortunately often ignored. Especially in the current digital landscape of social media marketing, lead generation has become an afterthought.

Now I don’t want you to think I am going to try to convince you that using social media to grow your business is a waste of time.

My point is to not put all of your eggs in one basket...

Generating leads with email opt-ins has been around since the advent of the internet. It is still shown to convert better than any other channel. As a business owner you want conversions, right?

You can still leverage social media marketing to drive leads and sales which we will get into in another post but for now, I want to share with you 15 lead generation ideas that will make your WordPress website a email captureing machine!

Add a simple contact page using Contact Form 7

This one may seem obvious but far too often I stumble upon websites without a “Contact” page. This is probably the most basic way to capture leads on your website.

If someone is visiting your website then most likely they have some interest in what you are offering. Make it easy for them to send you a message if they have questions.

The WordPress plugin, Contact Form 7, is a no-brainer to add to your website.

Your WordPress theme will dictate the appearance of this contact form but don’t get hung up on the looks. The bulk of your leads will not come from a contact page but adding this low hanging fruit to the equation is a must.

Include your phone number

Another lead generation option that may have you thinking ‘duh’ is adding your phone number to your website - typically in the header section.

Believe it or not, there are still people that like to talk to humans. Plus, what better way to potentially close the deal than by speaking directly to a customer.

If you have a brick and mortar business this is a must have but online service based businesses and e-commerce business will no doubt benefit from adding a phone number to their websites.

Not to mention that people who visit your website and subsequently give you a call are a much higher quality lead than someone that happens to fill out an email form.

It’s all about the quality of your leads when it comes to driving conversions!

Add a live chat widget

I went old school with the first two options so now I want to throw at you a very fast growing segment of the lead generation conversation.

The best time to engage with your website visitor is when they are actually engaging with your content. It’s not 5 minutes later after they hopefully filled out your email opt-in form or worse yet, never because you forget to set up your email auto-responder in the first place...

In today’s fast paced world (too fast paced for my liking...) people want what they want yesterday so you better be equipped to provide that level of service.

Adding a live chat widget to your WordPress website is a cinch with a product like Better yet it’s free to use!

Currently, there are A LOT of options when it comes to adding live chat functionality to a website.

I was drawn to after seeing it mentioned numerous comment threads on various websites so I figured I would give it a shot.

Want to see how it works first hand?

Hit that icon in the lower right of your screen and say hi...

You can implement a live chat widget anywhere on your website. I started out just adding it to sales pages to be able to answer questions at that important junction of the decision-making process.

Since then I have seen the value of having it site wide so I can interact on a personal level even when someone is just reading a blog post such as this one.

You never know when someone may become a customer so going above and beyond what your competitors are doing will have you standing out from the crowd.

Use the right lead generation plugin

When it comes to lead generation plugins for WordPress you have many options. Which one to choose is a debate unto itself and would take up its own ebook.

There are free options available but just as I recommend you choose a premium WordPress theme for your website, I am going to suggest you invest in a premium lead generation plugin as well.

More specifically Thrive Leads.

Now if you were smart and purchased a Thrive Themes membership you already have access to Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads is what made me a Thrive Themes believer over two years ago and it has not let me down.

I will dedicate a full post and review for Thrive Leads but in short here are a quick handful of reasons why you should add this to your WordPress arsenal...

  • Easily connects with the top email auto-responder services such as ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and more...
  • Fully customizable to make sure you match the look and feel of your website
  • Ability to create two-step opt-in forms
  • Exit intent forms - capture your website visitors attention when they go to leave
  • And a lot more including the next way to fuel your lead generation machine...

Split test your opt-in forms

Getting people to give you their email address is not an easy task.

You may have an idea of what they want but until you craft that message in a way that is reflected in an increased conversion rate on your opt-in forms, you are just guessing.

One way to not guess - by the way, guessing is like throwing peanut butter at the wall and seeing how much sticks - is by split-testing your email opt-in forms.

Thrive Leads makes this super simple to do...

I would suggest only testing one thing at a time until you are able to develop a winning formula.

Start with trying different headlines followed by different calls to action on the button.

Thrive Leads will then randomly show the different forms to your website visitors and based on the amount of conversions it will determine a winner.

You can have the plugin do this automatically based on preset criteria or you can manually choose which one to use after you have some solid data to look at.

Speaking of data...

A WordPress lead generation plugin like Thrive Leads makes it easy which opt-in forms are working and which aren’t so you can make the best decision possible for your business needs.

Make good use of white space

So far we have mainly discussed different ways to capture email addresses or interact with our website visitors.

Turning your website into a lead generation machine is not all about adding annoying pop-ups - yes they are annoying but yes they still do work - but also looking at the big picture of what drives people to take action.

Cramming your website with content and email opt-in forms may seem like a recipe for success...

If your definition of success is finding ways to get your website visitors to leave as quickly as possible.

Instead, make good use of white space so your content, along with your opt-in forms, can be digested by your visitor.

There is not hard and fast rule for how much white space to have around your content and forms.

Think about the websites you visit and the ones you actually return to on a regular - which I hope mine is one of them - and make note of their layouts.

Are they crammed with content that makes it hard to want to stay on the site longer than a few seconds?

Or is the layout such that you feel you can down your 3 cups of coffee while reading what they have to offer?

Make sure your website loads FAST

I can’t stress page load speeds enough and in fact, I outlined 11 different ways to speed up your WordPress website for you (COMING SOON).

Google - remember that popular search engine where people go to find things? - has not hidden the fact that how fast your website loads is a key factor in their algorithms for ranking websites.

For every extra second that your website takes to load you are losing visitors that could become leads which then could become paying customers.


Remember, we want what we want and we want it yesterday...

Here are two things that will slow your website down that you can fix today.

  • Get rid of that image slider PLEASE - Yes, it may look fancy but that feature is a major drag on your website’s resources and a huge factor in why your website takes forever to load.
  • Speaking of images - Watch the size of the images you add to your website. Images are typically large files which then require larger amounts of time to load on your website. By using correctly sized images and even compressing the file size you will notice an immediate decrease in your website page load times.

There are WordPress plugins that will compress your images for you like Imagify and even the themes that Thrive Themes develops come with a built-in image compressor. You can also manually accomplish this via

Here are 3 websites I use to check mine and client website load times. The best part is that they give you a list of results that will point you in the right direction to make improvements as well.

Google PageSpeed Tools


Pingdom Tools

Make it mobile friendly

We have now reached a point in the digital era that more people are browsing website on tablets and mobile devices.

Ensuring that your WordPress website is mobile friendly has one big benefit that will positively impact your lead generation capabilities...

That one search engine I just mentioned, I think their name is Google, also factors in the mobile friendliness of websites in their search rankings. So much so that they even have their own site that you can see if your web page is mobile friendly.

All of the Thrive Themes themes, landing pages, and Thrive Leads opt-in forms are mobile friendly ensuring that your website visitors will have a pleasant experience which in turn increases the likelihood they take your desired action whether that is a direct sale or email opt-in.

Add a Call-to-Action to your top menu navigation links

Earlier we talked about adding a phone number to your website header but adding a specific call to action button, similar to what you would see on a regular email opt-in, to your main header navigation menu is no brainer...

If your WordPress theme or menu plugin gives you that option.

There may be WordPress menu plugins available that offer this as a feature but fortunately I have not had to look for one since both theme houses I use for my own websites and client sites have this built in.

I know I talk a lot about Thrive Themes but it is for good reason. Features such as this one, that on the surface may seem trivial, are the ones that set you apart from your competition.

Before you go all “Thrive Themes yada yada yada...” on me I will throw an alternative your way...

Elegant Themes Divi theme is another WordPress theme that I do use that gives you the ability to add a call to action button to your website’s header menu.

What better real estate to showcase a current offer or opt-in than right where people look the most.

They are already viewing your menu to check out other pages on your website so why not draw their attention to something special you would like them to take action on.

Many themes or menus also give you the option to make your header navigation ‘sticky’. What this means is that as your website visitor scrolls down a page or post the header area will stay visible which means that attractive call to action stays at the forefront of their mind.

Did someone say “attractive call-to-action”?

Long gone are the days of ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ yet I still see this same message on far too many websites.

That phrase worked years ago until people’s email inbox got inundated with pointless newsletters.

Website browsers want information or products that solve the problem they are searching for.

The search phrase “I want to subscribe to a newsletter” is searched...wait for it...

ZERO times per month!

On the other hand “How to build a WordPress website” is searched 1,300 times each month.

The point I am getting at is that I want you to craft your opt-in messages to speak directly to one person and why opting in to whatever your offer is, actually solves their current problem.

You are reading this because you either want to learn how to build a website using WordPress or you already have a WordPress website that you want to maximize its potential.

The chances of you clicking “Get Access to my Free Guide - 7 Steps to Launching Your Own Damn Website for Less Than $25 Per Month” or “7 Simple Tips to Make Your Site’s User Experience a Red Carpet Affair” are much greater than “Subscribe to Yet Another Newsletter”...

By the way feel free to click on either of those links and you’ll get precisely what they say they are.

Along the lines of crafting the right message for your calls-to-action, you want to have eye-catching colors and images. Don’t get too caught up in your color scheme but try to add a contrasting color to the call-to-action button from the rest of your website design.

This will ensure it stands out and increases the chances that button gets clicked.

Take advantage of content upgrades

Content upgrades are opt-in offers that directly relate to the content someone is currently consuming on your website. It directly relates to what the visitor is reading or watching and is a logical next step for them to either learn more about the topic or how to implement what they just learned.

Oh, look what I found here - I think this just might be a content upgrade below...

The point is to make it as relevant as possible. This goes for your whole lead generation strategy and is precisely why the previous point urged you to do away from the generic “subscribe to my newsletter” type of opt-in forms.

Add photos and testimonials

When you add photos and testimonials to your website, opt-in forms, and landing pages it instantly gives you more credibility.

People like to see that others have been where they want to go.

Erin VehigeOwner - PureENV Yoga

Andrew was so easy to work with. I had zero idea how to build a website, but knew what I wanted. He worked with me and my vision to create something beautiful. All I had to do was send copy and images, and viola, I had a website that speaks the truth of what I do!

Ask your previous customers to provide a review or even use great comments from your Facebook page (once you have permission from the person of course) and always use a photo. Being able to put a face to a comment or testimonial really humanizes the process.

If you want to take it up a notch then try to get video testimonials. This will do away with any doubts your new visitor has about the legitimacy of your testimonial. They will literally see and hear someone just like them speaking to how you and your product/service changed them for the better.

Use the right landing page builder for the job

I have mentioned landing pages numerous times now so I wanted to take second to quickly describe what they are.

A landing page is where you will direct someone to opt-in for whatever your offer may be - ebook, checklist, free trial, webinar, etc.

It is a short page on your website that contains a powerful headline, sub-headline, bullet points highlighting what they will get when they enter their email address, and a strong call-to-action.

There are two products I use to quickly and easily create these types of opt-in landing pages for my WordPress websites.

By now you are no stranger to how I feel about the Thrive Themes products. The Thrive Architect and their Thrive Landing Pages are an ideal way to add these pages to your WordPress website.

Their landing page templates even contain the key elements to any landing page along with instruction on what you should include in the various areas.

Another option that you can add to your WordPress website but you can also use outside of it, is ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is much more than a landing page builder so I am doing it somewhat of a disservice by limiting it to this lead generation discussion. In a nutshell, you can use it for sales pages, order forms, running affiliate programs, and much more, hence the cost compared to Thrive Content Builder.

Since I like options and I actually use both I wanted to let you know the possibilities to make these type of pages work for you.

Use Power Words

Ok, I get it. You may be wondering what are power words and why are they so special?

Power words are key words or phrases that trigger an emotional or psychological response.

Copywriting is an art and science that you would probably be better off hiring someone to do for you but adding a few of these words to your opt-in forms or landing pages will have your conversions trending in the right direction...











I could go on and on but since it looks like I found an article with 700+ power words, I’ll stop there.

Last but not least...

Give your visitors a clear path to their destination.

Don’t confuse their journey with a cluttered navigation path, or offer so many calls-to-action that they don’t know where to click.

No one wants to jump through hoops - unless you are a professional jump-roper or hula-hooper of course - and if you do not make it clear for your audience to get what they need as easy and simple (see what I did there) as possible, then your lead generation machine will be sitting idle.

The best advice I was given many years ago was to "Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.)". Now I am not calling you stupid, nor do I think I'm stupid, but hopefully you get the point.

There you have it...

15 lead generation strategies to make your WordPress website a email list building juggernaut!

I hope you learned some ways to tweak your opt-in offers so you can watch your leads roll in.

If you haven’t started a lead generation strategy for your website yet then the best time to do it is now. Bookmark this post and reference it often as you put the pieces in place to build your email list.

Do you have any lead generation techniques I missed that are working for you? Let me hear them in the comments below...

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