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Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate/referral links which means if you click one and subsequently make a purchase I get to pay my bills on time. Seriously though, I only mention products and services I use on a daily basis and feel could be a potential good fit for you as well.

Below you will find a collection of products I currently use or have used to build WordPress websites, buy my domains, host the sites and even some great books that have helped me along the way.

What you won't find are suggestions just because I am crossing my fingers hoping you will click on one because it pays a nice commission. Some of these tools pay out very little but I choose to use them for one reason...


Rest assured that if you see it on this page it has passed the test of my 6+ years of putting together WordPress websites, creating conversion focused lead generation sites and pages, implementing effective email marketing campaigns, putting on virtual summits and keeping me in the right frame of mind.

Now on to the list...


Thrive Themes Products

Thrive Themes Membership Products

Thrive Themes Membership - The Kitchen Sink

If you purchase an annual membership to Thrive Themes you get access to ALL of their products, updates, support and ongoing training via Thrive University and you will be happy you did!

This is the package I have and I could not be more satisfied with my investment. Yes, there have been some headaches over the years but even after giving some competitors a shot I still come back to Thrive. If you want a WordPress website that converts then you need to use products from a company that has that as their main focus.

Want my full and unbiased opinion as a 4 year Thrive Themes member? Read my updated 2019 review here.

Maybe you don't need the kitchen sink so keep scrolling to learn more about some of my favorite Thrive Theme products.

Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes

Thrive Architect

Build your entire site with Thrive Architect. It's not just a landing page builder! I use this plugin on every site I build no matter if I am using one of Thrive Themes themes, Divi, Extra, or even the standard WordPress default theme.

You guessed it...this entire page was built using Thrive Architect!

Thrive Leads

Do you want to create dynamic opt-ins and call-to-actions plus have the ability to split test them? Of course you do! And that's why you NEED to be using Thrive Leads. This plugin is what brought me to Thrive Themes almost four years ago. Once I had tried out inferior email capture plugins I was blown away by what Thrive Leads could do back then and it has only gotten better with age.

Thrive Leads Responsive Design

Thrive Themes Alternative

Divi WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes Membership

I'm sure you read that headline and thought "What the heck! I thought this guy was all Thrive all the time?!?!"

Surprise...there are some instances when I have had clients that REALLY like a certain look and just want a "pretty" website - none of that awesome conversion focused stuff. In those rare cases I will use either Divi or Extra from Elegant Themes.

Besides those two themes I do actually use Elegant Theme's Monarch social sharing plugin on my websites. The downside is that you can't purchase Monarch separately. You can choose from either a yearly fee or lifetime access. Since I do client work I went with the lifetime option so you will have decide if their pricing model works for you.

With that you get access to ALL of their themes (they have ton but the two I just mentioned are they only ones I have used) and ALL of their plugins. Similar to Thrive they have a lead generation plugin called Bloom (not as good as Thrive Leads in my professional opinion) plus their WordPress page builder - Divi Builder - again, just my opinion, but not as good as Thrive Architect.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Domains & Hosting

Namecheap (for domains)

Yes, you can literally search for a domain using that widget below - how cool right! Namecheap is where I purchase ALL of my domains and by ALL I mean a lot. I'm kind of a domain hoarder. Plus, I've had my sisters buy their domains through Namecheap so if it's good enough for my sisters then it's good enough for you!

Find a domain starting at $0.48

powered by Namecheap

Namecheap (for hosting)

You can also host your WordPress websites using Namecheap hosting. They are a very good cost effective solution and where I recommend beginners to start with. I used to host my sites there until my needs outgrew it. They have different different packages for shared hosting and make it easy to add a SSL certificate to your sites as well - a must have these days. A big factor in my positive experience with Namecheap across the board has been thier support. I have never had an issue they weren't able to resolve in a courteous and timely manner.

Email Marketing

After trying Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp, several years ago I settled on ActiveCampaign and have not looked back. Yes, there is a learning curve but as it is with most things that work well, the time spent learning how to fit it to your needs is worth it.

Not to mention it integrates with all of the Thrive Themes products and others like MemberPress below. The ability to tag users, trigger email automations in various ways and even the option to enable site tracking so you can learn more about your most valuable email subscribers are just a few of the features you will no doubt fall in love with.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Membership Sites

For 3+ years now I have used MemberPress to protect valuable content. Whether that is building a dedicated membership website, protecting online course content (it is not a learning management system though) or securing interviews and content used for virtual summit all-access passes, it has gotten the job done.

You can setup free membership areas, premium and even payment plan options. Also, there's the ability to drip your content at set intervals along with easy integrations with all the major email marketing providers (I use it with my ActiveCampaign account).

Video Hosting

I have used Vimeo for various projects and to host videos I want to make sure are protected. Sure, YouTube is great but you are not able to restrict access to specific sites or brand your professional videos the way you can with Vimeo. This comes in very handy when hosting a virtual summit or conference and then utilizing your videos in a secure member's area.

A good rule of thumb is YouTube for your instructional videos and use a service like Vimeo for your marketing or professional videos.

Because of upload and bandwidth limits you will want to go with at least a VIMEO PRO account - which is what I currently use.

Must Read Books (coming soon)