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If you are one of the many that have already discovered the enormous benefits of using Thrive Themes products on your WordPress website then use the categories above to find the area you want to learn more about.

Otherwise I have some convincing to do for the rest of you so please read on...

6 Reasons You Should Fall in Love with Thrive Themes

​Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate/referral links which means if you click one and subsequently make a purchase I get to pay my bills on time. Seriously though, we only mention products and services we use on a daily basis and feel could be a potential good fit for you as well.

By now you understand the flexibility and power of using WordPress to power your website. For us non-tech types it gives us the ability to get our business seen without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on development costs.

We can choose different solutions as our business grow but getting off on the right foot is crucial.

Two years ago I made a decision for my own personal WordPress websites that is having a direct impact on what I am typing right now.

I have literally used the tools and resources I will be discussing today for the past two years to fuel numerous WordPress websites of many small business owners just like you.

I made the decision to focus on one set of themes and plugins when it came to building WordPress websites so I could put a list like this together with absolute confidence that I have put it through the ringer.

Before we get started I do want to say that I have yet to discover a ‘perfect’ solution when it comes to piecing together themes and plugins to grow your business with WordPress.

Every option has its quirks but if you strive for perfection in every aspect of your online business you will come up disappointed. Remember that it does not have to be perfect to be effective.

Here are my top 6 reasons you should be using Thrive Themes to power your businesses WordPress website...

1. Everything you need to launch your business online straight out of the box.

With a Thrive Themes membership (read my full 2019 review here), you get access to all aspects of a conversion focused WordPress website. There is no need to purchase a theme from one developer, lead generation plugin from another, landing page builder from yet another, and more...

In one annual membership (or you can pay quarterly) you get access to all of the WordPress themes they offer.

You get access to not only all of their current plugins but even those they release down the road.

When I first purchased my own Thrive Themes membership two years ago those plugins included Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Widgets.

Since then they have added Thrive Headline Optimizer to test different headlines for your blog posts, Thrive Ultimatum to inject scarcity into your sales pages via a robust countdown timer, Thrive Ovation to capture testimonials, and most recently, Thrive Quiz Builder.

I have not had to pay a dime extra to be able to use those plugins on any WordPress website I build.

The best part of all of that...

Every theme and plugin they develop have one goal in mind...


Since you are in the business of making money, or I hope you are, then the word ‘conversions’ should be at the top of your vocabulary.

2. Their premium WordPress themes are designed to be FAST!

If you get tired of me harping on your website’s page load times then I have done my job. I cannot understate this fact enough mainly because the powers that be, Google, have deemed it important to their search rankings.

Don’t just take their word for it though...

It has been shown that for every extra second your webpage takes to load user’s will leave your website and find another one.

This directly impacts your pocketbook and I don’t know about you but I don’t like people taking money out of my pockets!

3. All of the Thrive Themes themes are fully customizable.

You can make your business website as simple or complex as you would like it.

Given the fact they have designed their themes to be fast, they may not have a lot of flashy design elements you see elsewhere on the web.

If there are certain features you have seen on someone else’s website most likely you can add that to your own but make sure to ask yourself if that ‘sexy’ design will indeed lead your website visitors to take whatever action it is you are driving them to.

Make sure to visit their theme demo pages to get an idea of which one will fit the look and feel of your business.

No matter which one you choose for your online business keep in mind that you will need to make it your own.

Many people get let down initially when they see a WordPress theme demo on a developer’s website and add it to their own only to see that it does not look exactly the same.

That is why these premium theme options are the way to go. Use their demos as inspiration for what you want your own website to look like then customize it to fit your brand and message.

There will be a learning curve but that is why I have put these resources out there and decided to focus on only the options I have found that actually do work.

4. Cost effective solution when moving your business online.

A lot of people balk at recurring costs and for a long time, I did too. I wanted to just pay for something once and be done with it.

As a solopreneur, you may be in the same boat and I don’t blame you.

Initially, it may be hard to wrap your head around paying $228 each year (the current annual cost of a Thrive Themes membership as of May 2017).

Remember you get access to ALL of their themes, ALL of their plugins, and ALL of their future plugins as long as you are a current paying member.

While scouring their support forums recently I noticed several discussions that made me feel good about renewing my membership each year...

  • They are working on updating the design of some their themes and templates and...
  • Possibly have an online course or learning management system plugin in the works.

Thrive Themes listens to their users and their feedback to develop products that will continually work for people’s online businesses and that is always reassuring.

5. Premium support and maintenance.

The biggest thing you miss out on when you only want to utilize free themes and plugins for your WordPress website is support.

WordPress theme and plugin developers are entrepreneurs just like you and I. They need to be compensated for their time not only when making these products we utilize, but also when making improvement, fixing issues, and answering your questions about how to best use what their theme or plugin.

The reality is that no matter what theme you choose or which plugins you add to your WordPress website, problems will arise.

Knowing you have a place to submit those issues or ask questions can give you peace of mind.

Thrive Themes has seen tremendous growth in the two years I have been a member and I have noticed their support staff struggling at times to keep up with their demand.

One thing has remained constant though and that is the fact they are there to help and aim to do so in a timely manner.

Along with a higher level of support, you also get constant updates and improvements to their products.

Whenever they discover issues with any of their themes or plugins they will issue updates to fill these gaps along with adding new features and improvements along the way.

If you purchase any of their themes or plugins and decide to not renew your account rest assured your website content will not disappear. You will just be missing out Thrive Theme’s professional support and subsequent updates to their products.

6. Member’s Only Content.

You like to feel special right?

Not only does Thrive Themes put out great content via their blog and YouTube channel, they have even taken the time to add Thrive University to their member’s area.

This is a collection of content that Thrive Themes members have access to geared towards to helping you get the most out of their products.

The best part? You can even sign up for a FREE account to Thrive University to view some of the amazing content they produce! 

Whether it is learning how to build an email list, make your first high converting sales page, or even driving traffic to your business website with Facebook advertising, they have packed it into Thrive University.

Some of the lessons and courses within Thrive University are made up of past blog posts and videos they have on their blog, but having this content in an easy find manner within your member’s account is a great feature.

Plus, what’s the point of having access to these great WordPress themes and plugins if you don’t know the best way to implement them into your business?

They want to make sure you keep renewing your annual or quarterly membership - remember they are a business too - and they realize that likelihood increases the more you about what their products can do for you.

My goal was to shed some light on the features and benefits of joining Thrive Themes when it comes to launching your business online with your WordPress website.

Keep an eye out as I will dive deeper into what I really like about each of their plugins when it comes building a conversion focused online business.